luni, 25 noiembrie 2013


Participanti: Dumitru Bristena
                   Negoita Andreea
( Colegiul National Spiru Haret Bucuresti , clasa a XII-a G)

Blog si redactare realizate de: Negoita Andreea

Clip realizat de: Dumitru Bristena

Coparticipant: Baraitaru Lucian

Tema : "True love "

Profesor coordonator: Cosma Ioana

Produs Adobe Youth Voice

True love

Silly wind ! I woke up because I heard it whispering at the little window near the bed . And the , while I was opening my eyes , tired but happy because of what I dreamt , I have had seen the sun burning and its rays slowly dying one by one .
I got out of bed, although I would have hugged the  pillows and  you and feel the smell of clean sheets all day.

I ran to the kitchen, tripping over our clothes thrown all over the house.
While waiting to fill up my cup with the steaming black elixir, I realized they I am naked. I looked back and beside the couch was your shirt turned inside out, but still smelling of perfume. I dressed myself with it and I
was immersed in the smell of coffee. I promised then that I will spend every morning of my life dressed in your clothes.

You were sleeping almost like a baby, half uncovered and absorbed by the magical darnkess and the way your subconscious gave you a happy expression. I leaned over and kissed you on the forehead. Not wanting to wake you I did not tuck back in bed but I prepared to get a shower . I promised then that every morning of my life I will kiss you while you sleep.

Hot water began to flow and it felt just the way your fingers squeezed my skin last night. I did not  want to clean your scent so I  used your shower gel. When I got out I used your perfume and dressed myself again with your shirt. Then I promised myself that every morning of my life I’ll smell like you.

I gott back in the kitchen and I prepared breakfast. Knowing that you do not drink coffee, I prepared your favorite tea, toast and strawberry jam. I placed them nicely on a tray and got in the bedroom. I bend over to wake you, but you turned smiling back at me taking the tray from my hands. Then you throw me over you and start tickling and kissing me. I promised then that every morning of my life I'll get your breakfast in bed.

And while I got lost in your eyes, letting my hair cover your arms I heard the whistling wind again. I woke up disoriented and lost. The sun was not there, his place being taken by clouds. The house was clean, the clothes disappeared,  coffee was too bitter and you were nowhere . I promised then that every night of my life I’ll have the same dream I just woke up from five minutes ago.

The way I dream about you , the fact that I think about you every second of my life and the way I crave for you . That is what true love means ! 

Ce vant aiurit ! M-am trezit caci l-am auzit suierand la geamul mic dinspre pat . Apoi , in timp ce deschideam ochii , obosita dar fericita din pricina visului ce l-am avut in timpul noptii , am putut vedea cum soarele ardea mocnit cu razele murind incet , una cate una . 
M-am dat jos din pat , desi mi-as fi dorit sa imbratisez pernele si pe tine si sa simt mirosul de cearsaf curat toata ziua .

 Am alergat pana la bucatarie , impiedicandu-ma de hainele noastre aruncate in toata casa. 
In timp ce asteptam sa mi se umple cana cu elixirul negru aburind ,  am realizat ca sunt dezbracata . Am intors privirea si in stanga canapelei era tricoul tau intors pe dos , dar inca mirosind a parfum . L-am imbracat si m-am cufundat in mirosul cafelei . Mi-am promis atunci ca fiecare dimineata a vietii mele  am sa o petrec imbracata in hainele tale . 

Aproape ca dormeai ca un copil mic , dezvelit pe jumatate , absorbit de magia intunericului si de subconstientul ce iti dadea o expresie fericita . M-am aplecat si te-am pupat pe frunte . Nevrand sa te trezesc nu m-am bagat la loc in pat ci m-am pregatit sa fac dus . Mi-am promis atunci ca in fiecare dimineata a vietii mele te voi saruta in timp ce dormi . 

Apa fierbinte a inceput sa curga si parca iti simteam degetele strangandu-mi pielea , la fel ca in noaptea trecuta . Nu vreau sa ma curat de mirosul tau asa ca iti folosesc gelul de dus . Cand ies din dus iti folosesc parfumul pe incheieturi si imbrac la loc tricoul .Mi-am promis atunci ca in fiecare dimineata a vietii mele voi mirosi a tine . 

Ajung din nou in bucatarie si incep sa pregatesc micul dejun . Stiind ca nu bei cafea , iti pregatesc ceaiul preferat , painea prajita si dulceata de capsuni . Le asez frumos pe o tava si intru in dormitor . Ma aplec sa te trezesc , dar te intorci zambind inspre mine si luandu-mi tava din mana , ma arunci peste tine si incepi sa ma gadili si sa ma saruti . Mi-am promis atunci ca in fiecare dimineata a vietii mele am sa-ti aduc micul dejun in pat . 

Si-n timp ce ma pierdeam in ochii tai , lasandu-mi parul sa-ti acopere bratele am auzit vantul suierand din nou. M-am trezit dezorientata si pierduta . Soarele nu era acolo , locul lui fiind luat de nori . Casa era curata , nu erau haine aruncate, cafeaua era mult prea amara si tu nu erai nicaieri . Mi-am promis atunci ca in fiecare noapte a vietii mele voi avea acelasi vis din care tocmai m-am trezit acum 5 minute. 

Felul in care te visez , felul in care ma gandesc la tine in fiecare secunda a vietii mele si felul in care te doresc . Asta inseamna adevarata iubire ! 

Negoita Andreea Valentina
Dumitru Raluca Bristena